Cypress Semiconductor CYBLE-022001-00 EZ-BLE PRoC Module

Cypress Semiconductor CYBLE-022001-00 EZ-BLE PRoC Module

Cypress CYBLE-022001-00 EZ-BLE PRoC Module is a programmable, SMT ready, full certified small form factor BLE Module with integrated crystals and an on board chip antenna. The CYBLE-022001-00 is a turnkey solution that eliminates RF hardware design and reduces investment by eliminating the certification process. Its programmable architecture supports a number of peripheral functions (ADC, timers, counters, PWM) and serial communication protocols (I2C, UART, SPI).

The CYBLE-022001-00 is a complete solution and an ideal fit for applications requiring BLE wireless connectivity.


  • Module size: 10.0 mm ×10.0 mm × 1.80 mm (with shield)
  • Bluetooth 4.1 single-mode module
  • Industrial temperature range: –40 °C to +85 °C
  • 32-bit processor (0.9 DMIPS/MHz) with single-cycle 32-bit multiply, operating at up to 48 MHz
  • 128-KB flash memory
  • 16-KB SRAM memory
  • Watchdog timer with dedicated internal low-speed oscillator (ILO)
  • Two-pin SWD for programming
  • Up to 16 GPIOs configurable as open drain high/low, pull-up/pull-down, HI-Z analog, HI-Z digital, or strong output
  • Certified to FCC, CE, MIC, KC, and ISED regulations. Refer to KBA97094 for RF certification test reports.
  • Bluetooth SIG 4.1 qualified

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  • The CYBLE-022001-00 module is provided as a turnkey solution, including all necessary hardware required to use BLE communication standards
  • Proven, qualified, and certified hardware design ready to use
  • Small footprint (10×10×1.80mm), perfect for space constrained applications
  • Reprogrammable architecture
  • Fully certified module eliminates the time needed for design, development and certification processes
  • Bluetooth SIG qualified with QDID and Declaration ID
  • Flexible communication protocol support
  • PSoC Creator provides an easy-to-use integrated design environment (IDE) to configure, develop, program, and test a BLE application

Price of the module is ~$13 for single unit and for more information, visit:

CYBLE-022001-EVAL EZ-BLE™ Creator Evaluation Board is available to evaluate and develop applications on the EZ-BLE Creator Module.

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