New IoT development board features FPGA for prototyping

New IoT development board features FPGA for prototyping

The ARGUS BOARD is a newly developed, unique microcomputer board specializing in sensing. It offers high processing capability and a mounted FPGA that will support the development efforts of everyone from researchers to students working on sensing prototypes.

At CES, THK will show prototype applications using the company’s ARGUS BOARD microcomputers for IoT and industrial applications.

ARGUS BALANCE is a sensing chair that can detect breathing and other body information; ATMOS II is a human shaped sensing object which can detect the surrounding environment; and SENSING SCAPE STUDIO transforms environmental information into media art will all be seen on the company’s stand.

The ARGUS BOARD is specialised in sensing and features high processing capability and a mounted FPGA to support the development of prototypes. The board is based on the ESP32 (from Espressif systems) which has a processing capability of 600 MIPS. It has a mounted FPGA to make microcomputer programming and processing simple. The FPGA and ESP32 processor provide advanced security features to prevent intrusion and data exploitation. All boards have a unique ID as well as an encrypted code.

General sales are scheduled to begin summer 2019.

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