PowMeter Shield Nano – Tiny power monitor shield for Arduino

PowMeter Shield Nano – Tiny power monitor shield for Arduino

The powerful, tiny power monitor shield for your Arduino Nano.

Constantly and completely monitor your Arduino project’s power consumption with the PowMeter shield. This versatile solution replaces up to four multimeters with a ten gram device.

Advantages of PowMeter Nano:

  • A very small footprint. The shield attaches directly to your Nano, adding only 23 millimetres in length
  • Allows you to monitor USB voltage and current when powered through the USB port
  • Also allows you to monitor power consumption separately on a VIN MON pin
  • Peripheral power can be metered via the VAUX pin
  • It does not consume any of your project software resources, thanks to the onshield MCU
  • The shield draws less then 10 mA
  • All components communicate through I2C. This means you can take actions inside your own program depending on current or voltage values retrieved from the components
  • Good measurement precision
  • You can also use the onshield OLED for your own project
  • The OLED screen can be installed on either side of the board
  • Reasonable cost


  • Current measurement error: less than 1% + 1 mA
  • Current band: 1 mA – 4000 mA
  • Current resolution: 0.2 mA
  • Voltage measurement error: less than 1% + 0.01 V
  • Voltage band: 0 – 24 V
  • Voltage resolution: 10 mV
  • Display resolution: 3 to 4 digits
  • Shield current draw: ~10 mA
  • High side or low side measurement: when used as a Nano Shield, measurement is on the high side
  • Dimensions: 66 mm * 18.2 mm * 18.5 mm
  • Weight: 10 grams

The project will launch soon on www.crowdsupply.com. Stay tunned!

Update 19/09/2019: The project is already funded on Crowdsupply.

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