QUARK is an open-source Arduino-based electronics multitool with a color display and touch controls

QUARK is an open-source Arduino-based electronics multitool with a color display and touch controls

While looking for interesting and new products on the crowdfunding website I stumbled upon QUARK, An Arduino-based open-source multitool with a color LCD and a touchscreen display based on an ESP32 WiFI & Bluetooth wireless SoC.

The tool is a signal generator and oscilloscope, which the company compares to DT71 smart tweezers which do not have an oscilloscope function due to the tiny display. multitool is your go-to solution for electronics measurements and analysis. With the ability to measure voltage (0-26 V), current (0-3.2 A), resistance (0-2 MΩ), capacitance (2 pf-1000 uF), inductance (up to 1 H), and much more.

QUARK will be an open-source hardware device, with firmware written in the Arduino IDE for easy user updates. It utilizes Bluetooth for smartphone connectivity, with no WiFi option available. Additionally, data retrieval is possible via a USB connection.

Internal of this QUARK

QUARK Multitool Specifications:

  • Measurement Capabilities:
    • Voltage – Measures from 0 to 26V
    • Current – Measures up to 3.2A
    • Resistance – Handles 0 to 2 MΩ range
    • Capacitance – Measures from 2pF to 1000uF
    • Inductance – Measures up to 1H
    • Oscilloscope functionality – 400 ksps sampling rate
  • Additional Features:
    • Auto-ranging – Simplifies measurement process
    • SMD & Color code display – Provides component information conveniently
    • UART Logging – Includes auto baud rate detection and plotting for data analysis
    • Signal Generator – Useful for testing and circuit development
  • User Interface:
    • USB Type-C – For both power and data transfer
    • Function button & touch control – Offers intuitive navigation
  • Power:
    • 5V USB Type-C charging.
    • 700mA internal battery – Enables up to 5 hours of portable operation.

Two similar apps have been created for the QUARK platform. The first app, built using AppInventor, targets Android devices and is designed with beginner developers in mind. It’s a great way to learn the basics of app development. The second app, developed with the Flutter framework, offers a wider reach as it works on both Android and iOS devices.

The QUARK Arduino-based wireless multitool was successfully funded on Crowd Supply but later on was canceled. Priced at $150, the reward included the fully assembled device with enclosure, a USB-C probe, and a carrying case.

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