Waveshare’s PCIe to M.2 HAT+ for Raspberry Pi 5 is Priced at $8.99

Waveshare’s PCIe to M.2 HAT+ for Raspberry Pi 5 is Priced at $8.99


Waveshare has released their new PCIe to M.2 HAT+, designed for the Raspberry Pi 5. This module is compatible with M.2 SSDs of sizes 2230 and 2242 and features a compact design at an affordable price. 

Update: After careful observation, I figured that there is a Design Flaw in this board: The height of the Screw Mounts are the same for 2230 and 2242 SSDs so if you are plugging in a 2242 SSD the 2230 SSD mount will come in the way and it will surely damage the 2242 SSD, So beware before purchasing!

We have previously seen Pineberry Pi introduce their HatDrive Top, which was a little big compared to Waveshre’s module. But with the introduction of the Waveshare module it not only supports M.2 Solid State Drives in sizes 2230/2242 for both Gen2 and Gen3 modes. It also enables the Raspberry Pi 5 to boot directly from the SSD, enhancing its functionality and efficiency.

The Waveshare PCIe to M.2 Adapter for Raspberry Pi 5 features status LEDs for power and operations, an EEPROM for HAT ID and product info, and a power monitoring chip to display the voltage and current information on the console. The design also adds a cooling fan vent for temperature control. For more information and detailed Instructions, you can visit the Waveshare Wiki Page.

Waveshare’s PCIe to M.2 HAT+ Features:

  • Compatibility: Designed for Raspberry Pi 5, supports M.2 drives (2230 / 2242 size) with Gen2 and Gen3 modes.
  • Boot Capability: Allows Raspberry Pi 5 to boot directly from an SSD.
  • Hardware Description:
    • Power Indicator LEDs: For power-on status and Read/Write operations.
    • EEPROM: Stores HAT ID and product information.
    • Power Monitoring Chip: Offers real-time insights into the SSD’s power status.
  • Cooling Design: Airflow vent for a cooling fan to maintain optimal temperatures.
  • Setup Instructions: Available on the Waveshare Wiki page.
  • Hardware Connection: Detailed guidance on connecting wires and ports.
  • Configuration Steps:
    • Enabling PCIe interface on PI5B.
    • Adjusting for PCIE Gen2 or Gen3.
  • Partitioning and Formatting SSD:
    • Instructions on using fdisk for partitioning.
    • Steps for formatting to different file systems like ext4.
  • Mounting and Testing:
    • Procedure for creating a mount directory and mounting the SSD.
    • Read/Write test instructions.
  • NVMe SSD Booting:
    • Steps for initial setup and boot modification using Raspberry Pi’s bootloader.
  • NVMe Power Monitoring:
    • Integrated INA219 chip for voltage and current detection.
    • Instructions for monitoring input voltage status.
  • Technical Support: Information on obtaining technical assistance.

The package of the Waveshare’s PCIe to M.2 HAT+ contains the PCIe To M.2 HAT, a 20-pin double-row header, a 40mm 16P cable, and a set of standoffs. The hat is on sale for $8.99 on Waveshare’s official website.

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