Renesas / IDT OB1203 Sensor Modules for Mobile and Wearable Devices

Renesas / IDT OB1203 Sensor Modules for Mobile and Wearable Devices

These days, we are looking to size down all our projects, in order to make them fit just about anywhere, and the manufacturers keep on delivering when it comes to smaller, feature-packed components. An example of that evolution is the Renesas / IDT new OB1203 sensor modules, that integrate 4 different sensors in a very compact form factor.

The OB1203 module from Renesas / IDT is a fully integrated set of biosensor modules, ready to be deployed in mobile and wearable devices. It integrates a biosensor, for SpO2 measurements, an ambient light sensor, with high lux accuracy, a color sensor with four parallel channels and a highly integrated proximity sensor. This sensor module is designed for multiple purposes, such as monitoring the heart rate, blood oxygen concentration and pulse oximetry. By looking at this module, it is just how admirable the way they managed to fit them into such a small package, in a manner that makes them work properly.

Regarding the features of this promising module, we are looking at: 

  • Biosensor, ambient light sensor, color sensor and proximity sensor in a minisculed, optically enhanced 4.2 mm × 2 mm × 1.2 mm package
  • Operating voltage range from 1.7 to 3.6 V
  • Typical standby current of 2uA
  • Operating temperature range from -40 to 85 ºC
  • Biosensor: 
    • SpO2 measurement behind dark, IR transmissive ink
    • Output resolution from 16 to 18 bits PPG
    • Storage of measurements in an 18 bit wide, FIFO memory of 32 samples
    • Programmable measurement rate up to 3200 samples per second
  • Ambient light sensor: 
    • High lux accuracy over different light sources
    • Absolute sensivity ranging from 0.06 lux to > 150000 lux
    • Output resolution LS / CS from 13 to 20 bits
  • Color sensor:
    • Red, green, blue and clear parallel channels
    • Accurate Correlated Coor Temperature (CCT)
    • Accurate CIE 1931 RGB color measurement
    • Ouput resolution CS from 13 to 20 bits
  • Proximity sensor:
    • Integrated and trimmed LED source, driver and photodetector
    • Programmable pulsed LED output current of 250 mA
    • Resolution ranging from 12 to 16 bits
    • Sunlight of ambient light supression of over 100 klx
All you need is 3 resistors and 2 capacitors to unleash the potential of the OB1203
All you need is 3 resistors and 2 capacitors to unleash the potential of the OB1203

As you can see, this is a very powerful sensor module to get your hands on. You can apply to almost any gadget that is widely used nowadays: from the mobile smartphones, to headphones and other wearables, passing by the fitness and well-being related devices, to even gesture detection projects, it can be applied to just anything there is, due to its very convenient size. All you need to do is properly place it into the PCB of your project and you are all set! Lastly, and probably one of the most interesting aspects of it, its price. Costing just $4.68, this sensor module comes at a very interesting price range.

Renesas / IDT OB1203 Mouser link:

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