STINGER96 – 96Boards IoT Edition Baseboard

STINGER96 – 96Boards IoT Edition Baseboard

Shiratech launches its NEW 96Boards IoT solution based on ST STM32MP157 MCU + QUECTEL BG9IoT6 NB-IOT modem.

The Board is 96Boards IoT Edition Extended Compatible (IE extended). Full support for 96Boards IoT Edition (IE) Low Speed expansion connector.

STM32MP157 Main features


  • 32-bit dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A7
  • Up to 650 MHz (Up to 4158 CoreMark®)
  • L1 32 Kbyte I / 32 Kbyte D for each core
  • 256 Kbyte unified level 2 cache
  • Arm® NEON™ and Arm® TrustZone®
  • 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4 with FPU/MPU
  • Up to 200 MHz (Up to 673 CoreMark®)


  • External DDR memory – DDR3 – 256M X 32Bit
  • 708 Kbyte of internal SRAM: 256 KB of AXI SYSRAM + 384 KB of AHB SRAM + 64 KB of AHB SRAM in backup domain and 4 KB of SRAM in backup domain
  • NAND Flash – SLC NAND Flash Parallel 1.8V 8Gbit 1G x 8Bit 63-Pin VFBGA


  • Secure boot, TrustZone® IPs, active tamper


  • On Board Camera DSMI 12Bit interface
  • JTAG interface – ST LINK JTAG Interface
  • 1 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet based on KSZ9031RNX Microchip Phy
  • 2 x USB2 interfaces (One for External Connector, One for BG96 Modem)
  • 1 x Uart (Via FTDI & Micro USB interface)
  • 1 x SD interface
  • Full 96 IOT LS connector Interface (1.8V interface)
  • 2 x UART
  • 2 x I2C
  • GPIO Support A-L
  • 1 x SPI
  • 1 x PCM

BG96 (NBIOT Modem) – Interface

  • 2 x Control lines
  • 1 x USB Interface

BG96 Main features

  • Quectel BG96 LTE CAT-M1 Modem
  • Modem speed 300Kbps DL / 375Kbps UL
  • Built in GPS
  • Industrial grade
  • Low Power
  • Compatible with 96Boards CE and EE boards
  • I2C, UART, GPIO for modem operation


  • Input power 5V


  • 96Boards IOT Edition Form Factor –
  • Standard SMARC form factor: 85mmx 54mm
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