Texas Instruments INA241x Current Sense Amplifiers

Texas Instruments INA241x Current Sense Amplifiers

Texas Instruments INA241x Current Sense Amplifiers are ultra-precise, bidirectional current sense amplifiers than can measure voltage drops across shunt resistors. This measurement is done over a wide common-mode range from –5V to 110V, independent of the supply voltage. The high-precision current measurement is achieved through a combination of small gain error (±0.01%, maximum), low offset voltage (±10µV, maximum), and a high DC CMRR (typical 166dB). The Texas Instruments INA241x is designed for high-voltage, bidirectional measurements in switching systems that see large common-mode voltage transients at the device’s inputs. The enhanced PWM rejection circuitry inside the INA241x ensures minimal signal disturbance at the output due to the common-mode voltage transitions at the input.


  • Enhanced PWM rejection optimized for systems subject to switching common-mode voltages
    • Supports switching frequencies up to 125kHz
  • Wide common-mode voltage
    • −5V to +110V operational voltage
    • −20V to +120V survival voltage
  • Bidirectional operation
  • High small signal bandwidth (1.1MHz (at all gains))
  • 8V/µs slew rate
  • Step response settling time to 1% (1µs)
  • Excellent CMRR
    • 166dB DC-CMRR
    • 104dB AC-CMRR at 100kHz
    • 89 dB AC-CMRR at 1MHz
  • Accuracy
    • Gain error (maximum)
      • Version A: ±0.01%, ±1ppm/°C drift
      • Version B: ±0.1%, ±5ppm/°C drift
    • Offset voltage (maximum)
      • Version A: ±10µV, ±0.1µV/°C drift
      • Version B: ±150µV, ±0.5µV/°C drift
  • Available gains
    • INA241A1, INA241B1: 10V/V
    • INA241A2, INA241B2: 20V/V
    • INA241A3, INA241B3: 50V/V
    • INA241A4, INA241B4: 100V/V
    • INA241A5, INA241B5: 200V/V
  • SOT23-8, VSSOP-8 package options

Block Diagram

more information: https://www.ti.com/product/INA241A

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