This Compact Apple Watch Charger from Kickstarter Features Triple USB-C Ports with 140W PD Support

This Compact Apple Watch Charger from Kickstarter Features Triple USB-C Ports with 140W PD Support

On Kickstarter we just found out about this The Smallest Apple Watch Charger which can do a lot more than charge your Apple watch, it is a multi-functional wireless charging solution featuring 3.3W Qi-certified magnetic charging, PD3.1 compatibility through a 140W USB-C to C cable for fast device charging and data transfer. the device also has three additional USB-C ports for charging your other device.

The charger has advanced charging technology that ensures devices are powered up quickly and safely. It’s compatible with all series of Apple Watches and can also charge other devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops that support USB-C charging.

This charger is perfect for anyone who’s always on the move. Its small size means you can easily slip it into your pocket or bag, making it super handy for travel, work, or just at home. With this charger, Apple Watch users and anyone juggling multiple devices can breathe easily. No more lugging around different chargers or hunting for open ports—it’s got you covered for everything.

The device features a Micro-USB port and two USB-C ports. The device can also wirelessly charge all Apple watch series at up to 3.5W. The USB-C public port supports PD3.1 fast charging for devices with USB-C ports, including iPads. It includes a USB-C to B adapter for older laptops, offering a wide range of input/output options: 5V/2-3A, 9V/2A-4A, 12V/1.5A-6A, 20V/3-12A, with PD 3.0/2.0 and QC 4.0+/4.0/3.0/2.0 compatibility.

Multi-Function Apple Watch Charger Features:

  • Stylish 2-in-1 Device: Wireless magnetic charging for Apple watches, equipped with USB-Micro, USB-C, and a USB-C public port for various devices.
  • High Compatibility: Supports PD3.1 fast charging protocol; includes a USB-C to B adapter for older laptops.
  • Simultaneous Charging: Capable of charging three devices at once, including laptops, phones, and watches.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Qi-certified with intelligent temperature control, foreign object detection, and more for safe charging.
  • Efficient Design: Features an aluminum alloy heat sink shell for quick heat dissipation, improving battery life.
  • Magnetic Alignment: Ensures stable and efficient charging with accurate magnetic alignment.
  • Fast Data Transfer: Offers data transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbps with the 140w USB-C to C charging data cable.
  • Travel-Friendly: Compact and lightweight design with a round ring clasp for easy portability.
  • Unique Design: Distinguished by its unique polygonal design, suitable for charging Apple and Samsung watches.

Kickstarter offers early backers discounts on a 4-in-1 Apple Watch Charger with prices from $29 to $146. Deals vary from 50% to 60% off for 1 to 5 chargers, including USB-C and Qi-certified magnetic charging. The estimated delivery is from Feb to Apr 2024.

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