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28 Mar 2011

MOSFET transistors are excellent choice for driving high current devices such as motors or high power RGB LEDs. They offer very low switching resistance and very small heat dissipation compared to bipolar transistors. This guide is designed to explain how to drive P-Channel MOSFETs with a microcontroller such as PIC or ATMEGA.

Driving P-Channel MOSFETs with a Microcontroller – [Link]

26 Mar 2011

theiphoneguru.net writes: [via]

In this tutorial we’ll explore creating a home made IR trigger capable of firing your DSLR camera out of just a couple bucks worth of parts. Then we’ll show you how to use an iPhone app called DSLR.bot to trigger your camera, record GPS locations, shoot timelapse sequences and more.

Turn Your iOS Device into a DSLR Remote – [Link]

25 Mar 2011

dangerousprototypes.com writes:

robots updated his reflow over controller, source code is now available in github. Next up – install the electronics.

Reflow oven controller update – [Link]

19 Mar 2011

CustomCTRL is an Arduino-based system that can be developed into a total-home remote control through a smartphone.

CustomCTRL – home automation system – [Link]

17 Mar 2011

Andrey Mikhalchuk writes:

Which remote is better — this universal remote or this iPhone? Of course iPhone is better!! It is naturally the best remote you can imagine. It is connected to the internet, so you can check the TV program. It has huge high-resolution touchscreen. And it is always with you. One problem with it: it’s not a remote at all. So let’s turn your smartphone into a remote.

Turn your iPhone into a Universal Remote – [Link]

17 Mar 2011

itay.bazoo.org writes:

I got a friend who works for small start-up in a rented office. His problem is that they have only a single remote control to operate the parking lot gate. They needed a device that will allow them to open the gate by using the cell phone.

I built a device that connects to a phone line and to a standard remote control. The device is actually a “docking station” for the remote control. When a ring is detected the device will “press” the gate-open button on the remote control.

Telephone Operated Car-Parking Remote-Control – [Link]

16 Mar 2011

Allows to remotely manage the heating or cooling of any room. It can also notify, via SMS or phone call, when the sensed temperature falls out the set limit value or the alarm input is active.

All commands related to the control and settings of the device are sent via SMS.
There are three operating modes: forced (M), automatic (A) and enslaved (T); those modes can be set with a SMS or with a local button.

To fully integrate the device with the existing system, our unit can also work as a remote alarm: it has an opto-isolated input at tension level that can be connected to the boiler malfunction indicator and set to be adapted to the different functioning conditions (in order to send an alarm if it receives tension over the threshold or if it is at zero volts); in this way, if the system gets blocked (due to an obstruction in the chimney, the excessive lowering of fluid pressure in the radiators, lack of gas, etc.), the system remotely communicates the fault with an alarm SMS or a phone call.
The alarm on the opto-isolated input is valid only when the circuit is working in automatic mode (A).
That’s not all: there is also a thermal alarm that goes off when the sensed temperature in the room exceeds the limit set by the user, that is it exceeds the maximum threshold or goes below the minimum one; the same as for the one connected to the boiler indicator, the thermal alarm can determine the sending of SMS or phone calls. The circuit can store up to eight phone numbers to which send the alarms as SMSs or simple calls.

GSM Remote Control – Temperature Control – [Link]

23 Feb 2011

robots posted pictures of his reflow oven controller prototype. Software development is in progress, and menus have been added. [via]

Reflow oven controller prototype – [Link]

23 Feb 2011

A Gas Water Heater controller built around a netduino-mini, a DS1307 clock and a HiTech HS-6635HB servo. [via]

Gas Water Heater controller built around a netduino-mini, a DS1307 clock and a  servo – [Link]

23 Feb 2011

Instructables user fraganator writes:

Having a hardware interface to your favourite music / DJ / VJ software can really open up doors in your creativity. The most widespread form of hardware control to your PC for such applications is a MIDI based controller.

A MIDI controller can send and receive MIDI messages to your PC, allowing direct control of your software. Not only that, but the controls can generally be mapped to anything your like. So what might be a volume fader for one person can be an effect filter for another.

This article will describe how to build and program a custom arcade button MIDI controller, while trying to keep the price below $100. It is aimed at electronics and programming novices.

Arcade Button MIDI Controller – [Link]





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