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15 Nov 2010

This project is a thrust-vectoring inverted pendulum and it is demonstrating of how one might control an unstable system. It consists of a propeller and motor mounted to a servo on the end of a pendulum.  The servo allows the thrust to be angled or vectored in order to swing-up and balance the pendulum.  Control is accomplished by a PC running LabVIEW, but in the electronics you’ll also find a pair of AVR microcontrollers for PWM signal generation.

The thrust-vectoring inverted pendulum - [Link]

9 Nov 2010

This project is a temperature controller that controls the temperature of refrigerator and can regulate conditions for food and alcohol fermentations. It is based on ATmega48 microcontroller and includes a remote temperature sensor. It also has a relay to control the refrigerator. Check schematic and source code on the link below.

YATC – Yet Another Temperature Controller – [Link]

1 Nov 2010

This project is an analog PWM servo control. It details the design of an op-amp based, analog oscillator that can produce hobby servo control signals based on any analog input (be it a potentiometer, DAQ card, or something else). Check details on the link below.

Pure Analog Servo Control - [Link]

28 Oct 2010

This project is a digital thermostat based on PIC16F628 microcontroller and DS1820 1–Wire Digital Thermometer. The device is equipped with a LCD display and can control a system using the relay output. Check schematic and source code on the link below.

PIC Digital Thermostat – [Link]

27 Oct 2010

This project is an IR remote controlled light dimmer able to control two independent channels (bulbs) using any Philips RC5 remote control. The controller is based on PIC12F629 and uses a TSOP1736 IR receiver. Check construction details and schematic on the link below.

IR Remote controlled Light Dimmer – [Link]

19 Oct 2010

This project is an Infrared USB remote control keyboard based on PIC18F2550 microcontroller and TSOP4838 IR receiver module. Software is written on MikroC. IRK! enables you to use your LEARNING remote control to control any system that you can plug a USB keyboard into.

IRK! Infrared RC USB Keyboard – [Link]

19 Oct 2010

This project is a USB IR remote controller for your PC. This receiver is based on PIC18F2455 and is plug and play. It receives, decodes signals from a remote control and emulates the received signals as keystrokes in a keyboard. It is recognized as a USB keyboard. It is compatible with Sony SIRC 20 bit protocol,works with LG and SKY universal remotes when they are configured as Sony DVD. [via]

USB IR remote control using PIC18F2455 - [Link]

16 Oct 2010

This circuit shows a simple touch switch using 555 timer switch and a relay. You touch the on plate to energize the relay.

Touch Switch ON-OFF – [Link]

15 Oct 2010

The Button Code is a system that allows a single button to act as a keypad. The user enters a 4 digit code into the system using button taps. When the correct code is entered a relay is activated. When activated it can either activate for a programmed time or simply toggle the output whenever the correct code is entered.

Button Code - Single Button Code Entry System - [Link]

12 Oct 2010

This project shows how to control your PC remotely. The heart of this project is an Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller, equipped with an Ethernet adapter, and a home-made circuit that connects it to power switch on my computer. The Arduino is always on, so at any time and from anywhere in the world, you can command the Arduino to start up the computer. Check this project’s details on the link below.

Remote PC Startup System – [Link]





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