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2 Feb 2012

Component Organizer is a small and easy to use program that lets you search for components, datasheets and application notes in a very easy and practical way.

Ideal to use in a PEN drive, so you could always have all the important data with you. Get Component Organizer and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!

Component organizer program - [Link]

29 Jan 2012

EagleUp is a new way to render Eagle PCBs in 3D. It integrates with Google Sketchup so it’s possible to design cases around the PCB model:

version 4 has been released. Most of the import and export procedures have been automatized to simplify the process, so that you can focus in design, and not in the conversion 2D/3D.

With the version 4, you export from Eagle in 2 clicks, and import into sketchup in 3 clicks. No more tiring image creation and manual import necessary. Give it a try !

Eagle 3D is another way to make 3D board renderings, and it works for non-Windows users too. [via]

EagleUP brings PCBs to Google Sketchup - [Link]

29 Jan 2012

a resistor divider calculator spreadsheet [via]

Don’t we all have had frustrations galore when we were trying to fine tune the resistor divider for our voltage feedback on PS and LODs? Well, my good friend Art Nace came up with this wonderful tool to calculate the best fit values for the resistors for dividers. It even lets you specify voltage tolerances over temp. give it a try and let me know what you think?

Resistor divider calculator - [Link]

29 Jan 2012

Want a graph of data you’re collecting, or a cool GUI interface for a project? Micset XEdit wants to do that:

XEdit Project Editor is Integrated development environment to configure, develop and manage [supervisory control and data acquisition] applications.  XEdit Project Editor is used to create projects, multiproject, configure devices, tags/points, alarms, users, events, server-side scripts and others

It lets you make cool GUI to control a microcontroller project, or display sensor data. No word on the license though.[via]

Micset XEdit makes point and click controls for electronic stuff - [Link]

24 Jan 2012

KTechlab is an open source IDE for microcontrollers and electronics design and works with Linux systems. It includes a simulator for analog and digital circuits and incorporates a C compiler. [via]

KTechlab IDE for microcontrollers and electronics - [Link]

23 Jan 2012

DraftSight lets professional CAD users, students and educators create, edit and view DWG files. DraftSight runs on Windows®, Mac® and Linux. [via]

DraftSight, a “Free” alternative to AutoCAD - [Link]

19 Jan 2012

SPICY Schematics is a revolution in electronic circuit schematic capture

Spicy takes full advantage of mobile technologies for circuit design – the first tablet application to offer real Spice simulation and advanced sharing and online backup features.

SPICY is fast, intuitive, and allows you to literally draw circuits with your fingers. Create, save, edit, share, simulate, export and send screen-shots to email, SPICY is a must have for students and working engineers alike.

iSchematics.com – Spice Simulation and Schematics for iPad! - [Link]

13 Jan 2012

Neat small unit converter for electronic engineers. If you found this useful, but lack of features, please be free and report/ask for updates. This tool is completely free.

DBCalc – dB Calculator freeware - [Link]

13 Jan 2012


Using this tool you can find closest simple resistors net of standard resistors values. Select net, select required resistance and you will got pair (or triplet) of resistors with combined value closest to your needs.

EqResistors 2.0 – Resistors Combination Calculator - [Link]

20 Dec 2011

dangerousprototypes.com writes:

After a long beta testing period Microchip finally released MPLAB X V1.0.

MPLAB X is the new  integrated development system for Microchip microcontrollers. It is built on the Java platform so Mac, Linux, and Windows users are supported. Here are some major features of MPLAB X:

  • Based on Java / Netbeans.
  • Supported under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X 10.5 and Mac OS X 10.6.
  • Newer, more functional GUI.
  • MPLAB C32 (for PIC32MX), C30 (for PIC24 and dsPIC), C18 compilers are available.
  • HI-TECH C Lite Compiler for PIC18s, and HI-TECH C Lite Compiler for PIC10/12/16 are also available.

MPLAB X v1.0 released - [Link]





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