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22 Apr 2014


A smart gauges stepper motor driver app note from Cypress.

This application note shows how to use the PSoC® Programmable System-on-Chip to drive a low-power stepper motor for smart pointer gauges. This application note demonstrates how to perform micro stepping in the stepper motor using PSoC 1.In addition; this application demonstrates using a PC-based utility to control the pointer position in the stepper motor.


App note: Stepper Motor Driver for Smart Gauges - [Link]

16 Jul 2012

Project is about a method to measure level of liquid using pressure sensors. Though not a new idea, the design has been done with following features in mind, Scalability, Cost, Feature Set

Non Contact Wireless Liquid Level Gauge - [Link]

27 Jun 2012

An MSP430-based USB Li-Ion battery charger with a fuel gauge: [via]

The example cases discussed in this application report provide a basic understanding of what needs to be done at production, as well as on the application level, to achieve the aforementioned goals. The associated software provides library functions to interface and communicate with the bq27410 fuel gauge, applicable to any USB-equipped MSP430 device. The software also includes a demo application that integrates the USB stacks and the fuel gauge library functions to read the battery information from the fuel gauge and transmit it to the PC through USB Communications Device Class (CDC).

MSP430 based USB Li-Ion battery charger with fuel gauge - [Link]

13 Feb 2008


In this article I describe the simple setup and explain the code to drive analog meters using PWM outputs from an Arduino and the LCD Smartie program. I also replace the meter face to show the proper scale. Replacing the meter scale is very easy to do with most meters and can really ad some style to your project.

Arduino Analog Gauge - [Link]





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