Unexpected Maker NanoS3 Features ESP32-S3 in Self-proclaimed world’s smallest from factor

Unexpected Maker NanoS3 Features ESP32-S3 in Self-proclaimed world’s smallest from factor


Seon Rozenblum, better known as Unexpected Maker, has recently launched what they claimed to be the world’s smallest fully-featured ESP32-S3 module it packs all the peripherals, and wireless connectivity features of an ESP32-S3 module and features the tiny package size as the original TinyPICO Nano. The board will come in two varieties one with an Onboard antenna and the other with an u.FL connector onboard making sure that it will fit your needs.

The board centers on ESP32-S3FN8, boasting 2x Xtensa LX7 cores clocked at 240MHz, alongside 1x RISC-V, 1x FSM, 512K SRAM, 8MB PSRAM, 8MB Flash, and 27 GPIO pins.

Previously we have covered many different types of development boards and display modules powered by the ESP32-S3, including Waveshare ESP32-S3 GEEK, LILYGO T4 S3, Adafruit Metro ESP32-S3, feel free to check them out if you are interested in those.

Unexpected Maker NANOS3 Specifications

  • Microcontroller
    • Espressif Systems’ ESP32-S3 with
    • Dual-core 32bit Xtensa LX7 microcontroller up to 240MHz
    • RISC-V ULP Co-processor
    • 512KB SRAM
    • 2.4GHz Wifi 4 (802.11b/g/n)
    • Bluetooth 5.0 BLE + Mesh
  • Memory: 8MB QSPI PSRAM
  • Flash: 8MB to 16MB depending on the model.
  • JTAG: Yes
  • ADC: 2x 12-bit SAR/20 chan
  • DAC: 3
  • PWM Channels: 5x TX chan, 5x RX chan
  • LED: Onboard RGB LED
  • NeoPixel Support: Yes (up to 1515 Neopixels)
  • Antenna: Onboard or External u.FL
  • Release Date: July 2023

For simplicity, the company offers a comprehensive pinout diagram to streamline the setup process. The diagram clearly showcases the pinouts for both USB and external Vin connections, making it easy to get started.

The board is completely open-sourced and a set of resources including essential files like 3D STEP files, KiCAD symbols and footprints, reference designs, PDF schematics, and high-resolution pinout reference cards for the NanoS3 board on the Unexpected Maker ESP32-S3 GitHub repository.

The NanoS3 ships with the latest version of CircuitPython that supports the ESP32-S3. It also ships with the UF2 bootloader, so you can easily update your NanoS3 with the latest CircuitPython firmware, whenever you desire.

The Unexpected Maker NANOS3  board is priced around $19.00 and can be found on their shop page.

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