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24 Nov 2013


This is the first book of Giorgos Lazaridis covering the BJT Transistor Theory. The purpose of this book it to help the readers understand how transistors works and how to design a simple transistor circuit. It is addressed to amateur circuit designer with little or no previous knowledge on semiconductors. The book is written to be easy to follow, so it keeps mathematical formulas as simple as possible. Feel free to download and read it. More topics will be covered later.

The BJT Transistor Theory – [PDF]

21 Mar 2010

We present another great project of Giorgos @ pcbheaven.com, that’s a PC System Health Monitor. He build this project to control the fan speed of his PC-Box and to monitor temperature on various check points.  There is a separate control module on each fan. In that way each fan has each own address and can be monitored independed. Check out this nice project on the link below.

PC System Health Monitor – [Link]

19 Mar 2010

Giorgos @ pcbheaven.com build a PIC based thermometer and thermostar for his etching bath heater using a NTC thermistor…  project description, schematics and code can be found on the link below.

PIC Thermometer and Thermostat – [Link]





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