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10 Dec 2011

embedded-lab.com writes:

A bubble or spirit level meter is a handy tool to find whether a surface is horizontal or vertical. It is often carried by civil engineers, mechanical engineers, surveyors, carpenters, and many other professionals whose work involve precise alignments of horizontal and vertical planes. In this project, Shawon Shahryiar demonstrates how to make an electronic spirit level a Microchip PIC16F684 micro, a SCA610 accelerometer and a handful of other discrete components.

Build a digital spirit level using a SCA610 accelerometer – [Link]

28 Mar 2011

coolcircuit.com writes:

Here is a digital Amp meter based on PIC16F684 and ACS712 current sensor. The measured DC or AC current will display on 3 digits 7-segment with resolution 100 mA. The current sensor in this project is ACS712ELCTR-30A-T from Allegro(I got from ebay). It can measure the AC or DC current up to 30A with 66 mV/A output sensitivity. This project identical to my volt meter project except the microcontroller not same.

PIC16F684 based Digital Amp Meter – [Link]

28 Feb 2008


This project uses a standard (PDIP) PIC16F684 as well as a standard thermistor. It will tell the temperature between 0 and 140 farenheit. The temperature is displayed on a 3 digit, 7 segment display. This project is actually quite easy to build; the hardest part is calibrating the thermistor…

 It is a thermometer with a digital readout. It uses a PIC16F684 and a typical thermistor. I have included step by step instructions as well as source code, layouts, artwork etc. Enjoy

PIC16F684 Digital Thermometer – [Link]

27 Feb 2008


The face is controlled by a SMD (surface mount) PIC16f684 microcontroller. I wanted to try my hand at surface mount chips and I thought this would be a good introduction. The LEDs follow various patterns (ie. chasing each other, flashing in unison, checkeboard flashing, etc.) It is also very easy to add your own patterns. Overall, this is a very easy project, and a good one if you want to try your hand at SMD microcontrollers.

LED Chaser Face – [Link]





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