DIY programmable, 6502-based computer and operating system

DIY programmable, 6502-based computer and operating system


Nick Bild” has built a custom 6502-based computer that anyone could replicate.  Get the parts listed in the bill of materials, open the Fritzing diagram, start plugging in and wiring chips, and you can have your own Vectron 64 in a weekend! It may seems a little complicated on the first sight but remember this was one of the first computers in the PC era and now you can build one yourself. With a little practice and much patience you can have a working 6502 based computer.


  • 6502 CPU clocked at 1 Mhz.
  • 32KB RAM
    • Programmable via custom microcontroller based platform.
  • 16×2 character LCD display.
  • PS/2 keyboard support.
  • Built with 7400 series logic contemporary with the original 6502 CPU.

Project files and assembly code are available on

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