Thermometer 0-99C Using PIC16F1825



This digital temperature meter provides real-time temperature values from 00 to 99 degrees Celsius. The Temperature Monitor project built using PIC16F1825 Microcontroller from Microchip, CAT4016 serial to display driver IC from ON-Semiconductor, DS18200 Temperature sensor and two 7 Segment common anode 0.5 Inch display. This little handy project consumes low current and can be work with 4.5 V batteries, intensity of the display can be change by replacing value of R1, read Cat4016 data sheet for more information about current setting. Display range 00 to 99 degree Centigrade.


  • Supply 4.5 to 5V DC
  • Range 00 to 99 Degree Celsius
  • On Board Power LED

Thermometer 0-99C Using PIC16F1825 – [Link]

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