5900ppi full HD 0.37” LCoS micro-display measures 23.4×8.65mm

5900ppi full HD 0.37” LCoS micro-display measures 23.4×8.65mm


AR and VR display manufacturer Raon-Tech has developed a 0.37-inch diagonal full HD (1920×1080) LCoS micro-display (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) aimed at single panel optical display systems such as HMD (Head Mounted Display), HUD (Head-Up Display), and pico projectors. [via www.eenewsled.com]

Embedding an RGB LED driver, a low voltage differential signal receiver and power-down detection circuitry, the RDP370F LCoS micro-display operates at up to 420Hz for sequential colours, in effect supporting 120 RGB frames per second. Gamma corrected resistor string and gamma tab voltages are fully programmable for enhanced gray scaling performance. The display features an array of 1952×1112 pixel designed at a 4.3μm pitch or approximately 5900 ppi. The device draws only 120mW in operation. Together with the display, Raontech also offers a dedicated controller IC, the RDC200, able to perform image processing along with LED control and data formatting for two microdisplays panels simultaneously. The IC includes a special function to correct keystone and compensate optical aberration, enabling developers to design larger FOV devices with the least distortion.

Raon-Tech – www.raon-tech.com

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