Alinx Releases Development Board and SoM with AMD Versal™

Alinx Releases Development Board and SoM with AMD Versal™


Alinx releases the VD100 development board with AMD/Xilinx Versal™ AI Edge VE2302. As one of the Tier-1 SoM (System-on-Module) partners, Alinx works closely with AMD to build the ecosystem. The price of VD100 is fixed at 800 USD to attract more people to utilize and benefit from AMD FPGA and AI technology. Equipped with a multitude of peripherals, at an affordable price, VD100 is the ideal starter’s development board for applications based on AMD’s Versal devices. The pluggable module offers users the flexibility to customize their own carrier boards for mass production. VD100 will be exhibited at Embedded World Nuremberg 2024 in April at AMD’s booth.

Applications of AMD’s Versal™ AI Edge series

The heatsink kit with fan and SD card would be delivered with the development board by default. There are add-on options including AN5020 MIPI camera and AN7000 LVDS LCD to enable users to get started right away.

The Versal™ AI Edge series delivers high performance, low latency AI inference for intelligence in automated driving, predictive factory and healthcare systems, multi-mission payloads in aerospace, and a breadth of other applications. As an adaptive compute acceleration platform, it offers AIE-ML and DSP hardware acceleration engines, along with multiple high-speed connectivity options. support a breadth of workloads common in edge applications including AI inference, image processing, and motion control.
The VD100 development board features PCIe3.0 x4, 2 x SFP+ (12.5Gbps per line), 2 x Gigabit Ethernet, 2 x 4 lane MIPI on PL, LVDS LCD, USB 2.0, etc.

VD100 Development Board with Interface Markings

The V100 SoM is a minimum system ready to run Linux which integrates VE2302 SoC as well as 4GB DDR4 SDRAM, 64MB QSPI Flash and 8GB eMMC Flash. The V100 SoM is connected to the base board via 2 160-pin Samtec board-to-board connectors. With a compact design, V100 is measuring only 65 x 60 mm.

V100 SoM Top View with Markings
V100 SoM Bottom View with Markings

About Alinx

Alinx is an innovative and successful FPGA/SoC focused company located in Shanghai, China. Alinx offers an extensive portfolio of standard System-on-Modules (SoMs) and development boards and FMC cards, a wide range of technical support, solutions on vertical markets and full-stack design services. With broad expertise and flexible cooperation modes, Alinx can help customers manage project risk, lower total cost of ownership and accelerate time to market.

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