Amazon improves user experience of controlling smart homes with Alexa

Amazon improves user experience of controlling smart homes with Alexa

Amazon highlights the challenges with your current interaction with Alexa. It believes that even though Alexa has improved the way people control their smart homes, there are still challenges. Users often have to remember specific phrases or device names, make multiple requests, or even repeat themselves when interacting with Alexa. Amazon recognizes the need to make their interaction with Alexa more intuitive and conversational, and they have taken steps to address this with their latest large language model (LLM).

The new Alexa LLM can understand the nuances of a specific home setup. You can process ambiguous requests and understand the context. For example, if a user says, “Alexa, I’m cold,” Alexa can now deduce that the user wants to increase the temperature. Similarly, if a user says, “Alexa, it’s too bright in here,” Alexa will interpret this and dim the lights accordingly.

Amazon is also working on improving how Alexa handles the addition of new devices to a user’s home. Instead of having to remember specific device names, users can provide more natural and context-rich commands. For instance, saying, “Alexa, turn on the new light in the living room,” will prompt Alexa to deduce the user’s intention and carry out the requested action.

Amazon is introducing the ability to set up Alexa Routines entirely by voice, without the need for manual programming in the Alexa app. Users can specify routines with natural language commands, such as “Alexa, every morning at 8 a.m., turn off my sound machine, open the blinds, turn on my bedroom lights, and make me some coffee.” These routines will then automatically execute at the specified times, offering users greater convenience and automation in their daily routines.

Amazon says they have added Matter support to many of their Echo and Eero devices. These devices are compatible with the Matter standard, making them capable of communicating and interacting with other Matter-compliant smart devices.

Amazon introduced Dynamic Controller, a tool that allows device makers to inform Alexa about the unique functions and capabilities of their devices. For example, a manufacturer can specify how their device responds to commands like “make it look spooky in here,” so Alexa can intelligently adjust the device’s settings accordingly.

Head to the official press release for more details on the launch and pricing.

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