Atomstack Cambrian, The Worlds Most Advanced 3D Printer For TPR

Atomstack Cambrian, The Worlds Most Advanced 3D Printer For TPR

Atomstack Technologies has launched a campaign on Kickstarter for their Atomstack Cambrian 3D printer. Explaining the reason behind their 3D printer, the company says:

“3D printing is innovative technology that is changing the way products are created. Many of us have purchased a 3D printer hoping to print gadgets for daily use. Unfortunately, achieving useful prints for everyday objects is difficult due to the lack of elasticity and durability of the printing filament, ultimately making the 3d printer nothing more than a fun but expensive toy. That’s why we invented the Atomstack Cambrian 3D printer.”

The Atomstack Cambrian 3D printer is very different from the 3D printer so available on the market. It is equipped with two swappable extruders that enables it the power to print virtually anything. One of the extruder is 1.75mm, and it is for common filament materials,  and the other is a specially designed 2.85mm extruder for TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) filament. The highlight of the Atomstack 3D printer is its Thermo Plastic Rubber printing ability, which avails a user create durable end-use products for real world applications. With the Atomstack, there is endless possibilities of what you can print. Printing rubber-like filament is quite difficult due to the fact that the elastic material has a very high possibility of becoming stuck in the nozzle. Atomstack’s 2.85mm extruder takes care of this problem. The extruder is designed to avoid the nozzle jam problem. This enables it perform excellently in printing rubber products such as shoes, lattices, and balls, or components of other products that require elasticity and resiliency.

Application of the TPR filament includes sports equipment, auto parts, electronic devices, medical devices, industrial design, etc. The TPR features properties that makes it perfect for 3D printing. With high elasticity (50-70A hardness) and resiliency ( >50%), you can use the TPR filaments to print any end-use rubber products. You can swap out the extruder for either TPR printing (2.85mm rubber direct extruder) or traditional printing (1.75mm extruder), and they are easy to swap out in seconds. What makes Cambrian  efficient and effective is that the direct extruder design makes the extruder close to the nozzle; therefore, it quickly react to the filament and start printing. Also, the 1.75mm & 2.85mm extruders enables better extrusion, faster retraction, and a wider filaments range. The two different extruders makes Cambrian compatible with a wide range of filaments.

The Cambrian has a patterned glass hotbed platform which helps improve printing quality by keeping the extruded filament warm and thus preventing warping. It also enables the printout removal easier. Cambrian features a silent TMC2225 built-in chip, which enables the printer print fast, precise and quiet and won’t disturb you while working. For ease of use, the company developed the control system & user interface with a capacitive touch screen that enables users enjoy their printing experience. Its 4.3″ touchscreen LCD is easy to use. The touchscreen enables you to precisely control the temperature of the hotbed & extruder, set printing parameters, and see print previews. Its UI system enables an efficient and enjoyable user experience. It enables you manage your tasks directly from the system, and also adjust operating temperature, dimensions, and leveling. The Cambrian is durable. All modules and major components are housed in a high strength aluminum alloy which provides the rigidity and stability for accurate printing.

The project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, February 19 2021 2:59 PM CET. You can find more information about the project on Kickstarter.

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