Compact Low-Power Mini Graphic LCD

Compact Low-Power Mini Graphic LCD

DISPLAY VISIONSEA-DOGS102 series graphic LCDs are available in an FSTN positive transflective, STN negative transmissive, and FSTN positive reflective version. These displays have a 2.54 mm pitch and can be soldered directly or plugged into socket strips. Therefore, cumbersome gluing procedures, the need for designing a special mounting device, and error-prone cable connections that may lose contact are no longer a concern.

This LCD family was designed for use in the German industry and will have an availability of 15+ years. The extremely efficient ratio of external dimensions to the active display area helps in designing very compact devices. Furthermore, its low-power use [single supply 2.5 V to 3.3 V (typically 250 µA)] makes it ideal for handheld applications.

The EA 9780-4USB development board and free windows simulator are all users require to evaluate pin connected chip-on-glass LCDs with and without backlight. Simply plug the 2.54 mm connector pins of the display into the socket strips of the development board. Proprietary hardware or software development is not required. Decisions can be made quickly at a minimum expense.


  • Download the free EA LCD Simulator Software
    • Plug the display into the EA 9780-4USB development board
    • Connect the EA 9780-4USB development board to PC using the USB cable
    • Write text or select graphics, the display will show the content
  • Video: Industrial LCD Display Simulator


  • High-contrast LCD supertwist display (STN and FSTN) with 10 µm dot gap
  • FSTN pos. transflective, STN neg. transmissive, and FSTN pos. reflective version (cannot be backlit)
  • Optional LED backlights in various colors; white, amber, green/red, and customs
  • 102 x 64 pixels (corresponds to 8 x 17 characters or 4 x 12 large characters)
  • UC1701 controller with SPI (4-wire) interface
  • Power supply: single supply 2.5 V to 3.3 V (typ. 250 µA)
  • No additional voltages required
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to +70°C (storage -30°C to +80°C)
  • No mounting required, simply solder onto PCB

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