EZ-PD PMG1: A Portfolio of High-voltage MCUs with USB-C Power Delivery

EZ-PD PMG1: A Portfolio of High-voltage MCUs with USB-C Power Delivery

Infineon Technologies has launched the industry’s first 28V high-voltage microcontroller with USB Power Delivery (USB PD) 3.1 support.

The EZ-PD PMG1 (Power Delivery Microcontroller Gen1) supports any embedded system that provides or consumes power up to 28 V and 140 W in consumer, industrial and communications markets for applications such as smart speakers, routers, power and garden tools.

This follows the latest update to the USB PD standard to support higher voltages and power levels.

The PMG1 family supports higher power capabilities defined in the USB PD 3.1 specification and uses the MCU to provide additional control capability. It integrates an established USB PD stack to enable reliable performance and interoperability, supported by an ARM Cortex-M0+ controller core with up to 256 KB Flash memory and 32 KB SRAM. It also has a USB full-speed interface, programmable general purpose input/output (GPIO) pins, gate drivers, low drop out (LDO) regulators and high-voltage protection circuits.

The MCU also provides hardware and firmware protection, including over-voltage and over-current protection, short circuit and reverse current protection, secure firmware boot and signed firmware update.

To increase ease-of-use for designers, the new devices include programmable analogue and digital blocks to easily customize and integrate intelligent analogue sensors into the application. The PMG1 MCU is also field programmable to allow signed firmware updates for improved efficiency.

Programming is supported by the ModusToolbox integrated development environment with the PMG1 software development kit along with prototyping kits and quick start guide. They make the firmware development and testing simple and easy to further reduce the overall development time and time-to-market.

“As a leader in power semiconductors, we are excited to bring the new PMG1 family to market. It will enable OEMs to further differentiate their consumer, industrial and commercial applications,” said Ajay Srikrishna, Senior Vice President of the Wired Connectivity Solutions Product Line at Infineon. “Following our mission, this MCU is enabling our customers to bring new products to market that will help making consumers’ everyday lives easier, safer and greener.”

The USB PD microcontroller family PMG 1 can be ordered now.


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