Fast graphics with ready-to-use modules based on FT81x

Fast graphics with ready-to-use modules based on FT81x

The new gen4-FT81x display modules from 4D Systems represent a ready-made solution based on graphics chips from Bridgetek. The main advantages include easy and intuitive programming, powerful SW IDE, many useful functions and three display sizes. (SOS electronic)

FT81x graphics processors were introduced in our recent article.

For many years, we have been associating 4D Systems with their own graphics processors – especially Picaso and Diablo 16, which are still prospective and active.

However, for those who, for whatever reason, prefer Bridgetek’s FT81x graphics processors, they bring an elegant solution with seven new 4.3″, 5″ and 7″ gen4-FT81x modules.

Here you can find types with a resistive and capacitive touch panel, as well as with the demanded glass black frame (CLB – cover lens bezel), which also greatly simplifies assembly on the front panel simply by glueing into the hole.

The FT812 and FT813 chip-based modules allow you to create a powerful graphics application with minimal effort, which, in addition, has very low demands on the performance of the host processor. Bridgetek offers freely available development environment EVE Screen Designer (ESD).

Nowadays more than ever it is often more advantageous to use a ready-to-use module than to develop your own solution, especially for small and medium production series.

Please, find the new gen4-FT81x modules e.g. gen4-FT812-50T directly in our warehouse.

Main Features:

  • LCD TFT Screen with Resistive or Capacitive Touch.
  • Mono PWM audio output with separate amplifier enable
  • Onboard FTDI FT812 or FT843 Video Engine
  • 64 voice polyphonic sound synthesizer
  • PWM dimming control for LCD backlight
  • JPEG and Motion JPEG decode
  • Single 5.0V supply

If you are interested in any of 4D Systems products, SOS electronic is ready to help you at

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