Flipper Zero Gains Wi-Fi Capability with Wi-Fi Dev Board Pro

Flipper Zero Gains Wi-Fi Capability with Wi-Fi Dev Board Pro

JustCallMeKoko, a developer and YouTuber, recently showcased Wi-Fi Dev Board Pro a new extension board for the Flipper Zero. Powered by an ESP32, this board adds Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities to the Flipper Zero module. Priced at $40, this compact board comes with the ESP32 Marauder Firmware pre-installed.

The ESP32 Marauder is a device used for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Pen testing, capable of scanning networks, monitoring packets, performing de-authentication attacks, and sniffing Bluetooth communications.

The Wi-Fi Dev Board Pro also offers upgrades for better portability and usability with Flipper Zero. Its header pins are mounted underneath, enabling a slimmer, secure fit. It also includes a micro SD slot, which reduces the need for soldering. An optional 3D printed enclosure adds protection, keeping a compact size.

The board connects to Flipper Zero’s expansion header, enabling access to Marauder CLI through a USB connection or the Wi-Fi Marauder app.

The Tindy page talks about the No Silicone Option, Choosing “yes” gives you a Dev Board Pro with lower profile pins for a closer fit to Flipper Zero, but it won’t work with a silicone case. This option is for those who prefer a more compact, caseless setup.

Wi-Fi Dev Board Pro Features:

  • Flipper Zero compatible Header pins
  • Standard ESP32-WROOM (includes BT)
  • WS2812-2020 RGB LED
  • Micro SD Card Slot
  • ESP32 GPIO Breakout
  • JTAG Interface
  • UART Activity LEDs
  • 3D Printed enclosure

The package comes with one assembled ESP32 WiFi Dev Board Pro and one assembled 3D Printed Enclosure, offering a complete set for immediate use.

The product’s documentation and source code are accessible on GitHub. The board is priced at $40 and can be bought from Tindy.

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