From Le Potato to Sweet Potato: A Modern Twist on the Classic Le Potato with Power-over-Ethernet

From Le Potato to Sweet Potato: A Modern Twist on the Classic Le Potato with Power-over-Ethernet

Libre Computer Sweet Potato is a Raspberry-like SBC with Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and USB-C. Based on the Amlogic S905X SoC, this board is designed for industrial and commercial applications.

Libre Compute has just unveiled “Sweet Potato,” the successor to its “Le Potato” Single Board Computer (SBC). Powered by the AML-S905X-CC-V2 chipster, this board is designed for 4K media streaming and features a 40-pin color-coded header that supports various HATs. While it doesn’t replace the “Le Potato,” the “Sweet Potato” is more tailored for industrial and commercial applications.

Interesting tidbit: In a recent video by MrBeast, a unique voting system was showcased that Jeff Geerling designed. This system was powered by “Le Potato.” In a follow-up video, geerling later shared the challenges he faced during its implementation. It’s speculated that using “Sweet Potato” instead might have simplified the system design.

The Sweet Potato has 2GB DDR4 memory and 16MB SPI boot ROM with a Boot Select Switch. Also, libre Computer offers a PoE Hat with a PWM fan controller designed explicitly for this SBC.

In terms of connectivity, this device supports RJ45 with support for fast ethernet (100Mbps). It also has a 5-pin header that lets you connect USB cameras for video. Additionally, you can use this header to add Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Matter, or even software-defined-radios (SDR) to the device.

Standardized boot with UEFI support is finally here. We were the first non-x86 SBC vendor to offer UEFI support in 2018. All of our product designs since 2018 feature support for onboard firmware. Sweet Potato supports booting standard ARM64 EBBR/SystemReady images. We continue this proud tradition of standardization by creating the first complete product-line standardization of our bootloaders.

Specifications for the AML-S905X-CC-V2 Sweet Potato:

  • Memory/Storage: Up to 2GB DDR4, 16MB SPI ROM, MicroSD slot, eMMC 5S Module (with standoff).
  • Display: HDMI 2.0.
  • Audio: 8-pin header.
  • Connectivity: PoE header.
  • I/O: 40-pin GPIO, 3-pin UART Debug, 3-pin CEC/GPIO Jumper, IR sensor.
  • USB: 4x Type-A ports, USB header.
  • Power: 5V/3A via USB Type-C.
  • Others: Boot select switch.

You can now buy the Sweet Potato on the LoveRPI website for $30, down from the usual price of $35. The PoE board is sold separately for $20.

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