Habanero – Ultra-fast and interface rich 802.11ac Wave2 SOM

Habanero – Ultra-fast and interface rich 802.11ac Wave2 SOM


Habanero (-I) is an ultra-fast and interface rich 802.11ac Wave2 SOM with industrial temperature range support.

Habanero system on module (SOM) is based on an IPQ4019/IPQ4029 SoC from Qualcomm, which incorporates a powerful quad-core ARM Cortex A7 processor with NEON and FPU. It is ideal for resource demanding applications including routers, gateways and access points. Habanero comes with a high-power, dual-band concurrent radio supporting 802.11ac Wave2 technology (2×2 MiMo). QCA8075C PHY gives support to 5 x Gigabit Ethernet ports. It also has 1 x USB3.0 and 1 x USB2.0 ports and supports other miscellaneous interfaces, which can be configured as general-purpose I/O pins. Hardware based NAT engine and security features like crypto engine, secure boot make it ideal for high-end, fast and secure networking applications. Habanero comes in commercial and industrial temperature versions. Commercial temperature range: 0-65°C, industrial temperature range: -40-85°C.

more information is available on: www.8devices.com

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