HC32L110 is possible the world’s smallest MCU housed in a CSP16 Package

HC32L110 is possible the world’s smallest MCU housed in a CSP16 Package

HDSC HC32L110 is an Arm Cortex-M0+ microcontroller available in a minuscule 1.59 x 1.436 mm CSP16 package, possibly making it the world’s smallest Arm MCU.

HC32L110 Specifications

HC32L110 has an MCU core of Arm Cortex-M0+ 32-bit core up to 32 MHz, 2 to 4KB RAM with parity check, 16K to 32KB flash memory storage with erasing and write protection. Some of the peripherals provided are 16x GPIOs with 20-pin packages, 12x GPIOs with 16-pin packages. It comes with a wide range of peripheral provisions including 2x UART, 1x SPI and 1x I2C PWM output, thus ideal for multi-component systems. Some additional features for the users are the buzzer frequency generator and general-purpose timers and counters.

Talking more about the timers and counters, it comes with 3x general-purpose 16-bit and 1x programmable 16-bit registers dedicated for the timers and counters. The hardware supports 3 timers/counters for high-performance computational counting/timing and 1 low-power counter/timer.

It has an external high-speed crystal oscillator with a frequency range 4 ~ 32MHz, an external low-speed crystal oscillator with a frequency 32.768KHz, an internal high-speed clock with a frequency 4/8/16/22.12/24MHz, and an internal low-speed clock of frequency 32.8/38.4KHz. Watchdog timer and Hardware supports internal and external clock calibration and monitoring.

It is secured by CRC-16 module, a unique 10-byte ID number. For debugging, it has an embedded debugging solution providing a full-featured real-time debugger. The operating voltage for the chip is between 1.8 to 5.5V. It has an Integrated low voltage detector LVD, configurable 16-level comparison level.

Deeper Look at Power Consumption and Modes

The HC32L110 Arm-Cortex M0+ has many different modes with varying power consumption levels:

  • Deep sleep mode (all clocks off, power-on reset valid, IO status maintained, IO interrupt valid) with power consumption at 0.5μA at 3V
  • Deep sleep mode + RTC operation at a power consumption of 1.0μA at 3V
  • Low-speed active mode (CPU and peripheral modules run, run programs from flash) at a power consumption of 6μA at 32.768KHz
  • Sleep mode (CPU stops working, peripheral modules run, the main clock runs) with power consumption at 20μA/MHz @ 3V @ 16MHz
  • Active (CPU and peripheral modules run, run programs from flash) with power consumption at 120μA/MHz at 3V at 16MHz

It works in a temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees celsius with a 4μS wake-up time.

For more details on HC32L110B6YA Arm Cortex microcontroller, please visit this link.

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