High-performance, Inductor Built-in Step-up “micro DC/DC” Converter XCL104/XCL105 Series

High-performance, Inductor Built-in Step-up “micro DC/DC” Converter XCL104/XCL105 Series

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has launched a high-performance, 1.4A inductor built-in step-up “micro DC/DC” Converter— XCL104/XCL105 series.

The XCL104/XCL105 series is a synchronous step-up “micro DC/DC” converter with a built-in 1.4A driver and a built-in coil that is suitable for various uses. Since the coil is integrated, it helps to reduce the size of the product as well as the time consumed for selecting the components because of fewer external component counts. As a result, the development work period can be greatly shortened. In addition, since the coil pattern is the shortest on the board layout, low noise is achieved.

The series is able to start operation from an input voltage of 0.9V, suitable for equipment using a single Alkaline battery or Nickel metal hydride battery. The output voltage range is 1.8V to 5.5V and can be set in 0.1V increments. Compared to conventional products, this product achieves 1.4 times the output current compared to previous products. In addition, the product can choose 3 functions, further reducing the power consumption of IC-equipped devices and extending battery life.

The Load disconnect type is equipped with load disconnection and CL discharge functions to reduce the output voltage at high speed to prevent the output device from malfunctioning in standby mode.

The bypass type corresponds to a large range of working voltages such as MCU. When the MCU is in sleep, input and output are conducted by the bypass function, the battery voltage is supplied as it is. Boosting only when a constant voltage such as 3.3V is required will greatly help reduce overall power consumption.

The output OR types are ideal for output connection (OR connection) of multiple power supplies and backups. The load disconnection function cuts off the continuity between the input and output and makes an OR connection to the output with other power supplies. In addition, it supports automatic switching with other power supplies connected by OR.

In addition, the UVLO function (option: 1.46V) can stop IC operation when the battery voltage is too low, which can reduce the leakage of alkaline batteries.

The operating temperature range is up to +105°C, making it ideal for industrial equipment that requires small size, low power consumption, multi-functions, and high performance, IoT, mobile, wearable, and all equipment that emphasizes battery life.

Torex will continue to swiftly develop products that meet market needs and contribute to a richer and more abundant society.

more information: https://www.torexsemi.com/products/built-in-dcdc-converters/series/?name=xcl104

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This part is teensy-weensy! So moving heat around and keeping efficiency up is tough. Temper your expectations. I ran some simulations on the XCL105 (Torex has a nice online sim tool). 2.7V > 5.3V boost works up to 690 mA Iout, but Tj is 120 C and eff is 65% (Ouch!) At 120 mA Iout Tj is 27.8 C and eff is 91.9% (that’s better). Nobody has the XCL104 or XCL105 in stock yet. Mouser expects qty.-500 XCL105 to come in around 06/07/2023.

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