Infineon Technologies MOTIX™ BTN9990LV Motor Control IC

Infineon Technologies MOTIX™ BTN9990LV Motor Control IC

Infineon Technologies MOTIX™ BTN9990LV Motor Control IC contains one p-channel high-side MOSFET and one n-channel low-side MOSFET with an integrated driver IC in one package. The interfacing to a microcontroller is made easy by the integrated driver IC and the EMI is minimized due to the p-channel high-side switch. This integrated driver IC features logic-level inputs, slew-rate adjustments, diagnosis with current sense, dead time generation, protection against overtemperature, undervoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit. The MOTIX™ BTN9990LV IC provides a cost-optimized solution for protected high current PWM motor drives with very low board space consumption. Typical applications include automotive 12V brushed DC motor, seatbelt pre-tensioner, seat control, fuel pumps, power liftgate, sliding door, and HVAC control module.


  • Integration of high power PMOS, NMOS, and driver IC minimizes design and manufacturing effort
  • 8V to 18V (max up to 40V) supply voltage range
  • 5.3mΩ @ 25°C path resistance (typical) (max 9.6mΩ @ 150°C)
  • 3.3µA @ 85°C low quiescent current (max)
  • 75A (min) overcurrent detection level
  • Protection features:
    • Overcurrent
    • Undervoltage
    • Overtemperature
  • Higher system reliability due to integrated diagnosis, current sense, and protection functions
  • 8 selectable switching slew rates for optimized EME
  • Status flag diagnosis with feedback of current sense, temperature, and slew rate
  • Less PCB area and BOM compared to a discrete solution
  • Supports half and full-bridge (2x) configuration
  • AEC-Q100/Q006 qualified (grade 1)

Application Circuit

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