IT8500G+ Series DC Electronic Load

IT8500G+ Series DC Electronic Load


ITECH’s IT8500G+ series programmable DC electronic load for ATE systems and component testing

ITECH’s IT8500G+ series, with a sampling bandwidth of up to 300 KHz, is a programmable DC electronic load specifically designed for high-precision ripple testing. With the built-in ripple test function, it is easy to measure voltage and current ripple of the DUT. IT8500G+ has as many as eight fast charging protocols built-in, meeting the test requirement of fast charging adapters, power banks, fast charging power banks, and other products. At the same time, it also has other functions like automatic testing, battery discharge testing, dynamic testing, and more, so it can complete most of the performance testing of switching power supplies, batteries, and other products during the development and production stages.


  • Seven operating modes: CC/CV/CR/CW/CR+CC/CV+CC/CR-LED
  • Built-in voltage ripple and current ripple measurement function
  • Dynamic mode up to 20 kHz
  • Measurement resolution up to 0.1 mV/0.1 mA
  • Professional multi-channel mode, which can cascade up to 16 devices to reduce the cost of burn-in testing
  • Battery discharge mode, providing three cut-off conditions of time, voltage, and capacity
  • OPP/OCP test functions, suitable for power module protection function test
  • Automatic test function, widely used in adapter test
  • List function, which can simulate complex current carrier waveforms
  • Current monitoring function, without an expensive current probe, easy to realize current waveform monitoring (0 V to 10 V)
  • Short-circuit mode/measure function

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