Microchip Technology DM164144 Curiosity Nano

Microchip Technology DM164144 Curiosity Nano

Microchip Technology DM164144 Curiosity Nano features full program and debug capabilities, and offers complete support for the next design. The kit provides access to the Intelligent analog and Core Independent Peripherals on the PIC16F18446. The kit features the award-winning MPLAB X integrated development platform and MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC). MCC is a free, graphical programming tool to configure the rich set of peripherals and functions specific for applications.


  • PIC16F18446 microcontroller
    • One mechanical user switch
    • One yellow user LED
    • 32.768kHz crystal for accurate timing and clock application, ~20ppm
  • On-board debugger
    • Board identification in Microchip MPLAB X
    • One green power and status LED
    • Programming and debugging
    • Virtual COM port (CDC)
    • One logic analyzer channel (DGI GPIO)
  • USB powered
  • Adjustable target voltage
    • MIC5353 LDO regulator controlled by the on-board debugger
    • 2.3-5.1V output voltage (limited by USB input voltage)
    • 500mA maximum output current
  • Supported with application examples in MCC

more information on www.microchip.com

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