Mini ATtiny3217 development breakout board in DIL24

Mini ATtiny3217 development breakout board in DIL24

Albert van Dalen writes on avdweb about making a tiny development board in a DIL24 format containing a Microchip/Atmel ATtiny3217 microcontroller.

The Dily3217 is an Arduino compatible development board of 30x10mm, easy to integrate since it has a breadboard-friendly narrow DIL24 package. It is powered by the new ATtiny3217 and it has 21 I/O lines. It can be programmed with an external USB FTDI adapter. It has more or less the same functionality as the Arduino Uno.

The Dily3217 board is smaller than the ATmega328P chip itself, but it has more I/O pins, that’s crazy:

ATmega328P has 20 I/O pins
Dily3217 has 21 I/O pins

The ATtiny3217 has the most memory (32k/2048) and I/O pins (21) of the ATtiny series. And because of the QFN-24 package, the chip is extremely small. Note that, there is a trend that many new chips are only delivered in very small packages, with a pin spacing of about 0.5 mm.

Mini ATtiny3217 development breakout board in DIL24 – [Link]

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