Elektor Project: Wi-Fi for LoRa Switch

Elektor Project: Wi-Fi for LoRa Switch


Clemens Valens @ Elektor Labs writes:

We published a remote-controlled switch in the March/April 2020 edition of Elektor magazine. It had state feedback and communicated using LoRa. Because it was housed in a waterproof IP66 enclosure, it was suitable for outdoor use. It was also a modular project with the relay and power circuitry on one board and the LoRa communication part on another.

This interested me, because I was looking for an outdoor switch that could be integrated easily into my home automation system. This system is based on Home Assistant and Wi-Fi, but not LoRa. I am sure it is possible to add LoRa to it, but I didn’t want to dive into that. Instead, I thought that by simply replacing the LoRa module with a Wi-Fi module, I could make it run ESPHome, which works great with Home Assistant (Figure 1).

Elektor Project: Wi-Fi for LoRa Switch – [Link]

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