NCP51561 – 5 kV Isolated High Speed Dual MOS/SiC Drivers

NCP51561 – 5 kV Isolated High Speed Dual MOS/SiC Drivers


The NCP5156x are isolated dual-channel gate driver with up to 4-A/8-A source and sink peak current. It is designed for fast switching to drive power MOSFETs power switches. The NCP5156x offers short and matched propagation delays. Internal functional isolation between the two secondary-side drivers allows a working voltage of up to ~1,200 VDC. The NCP5156x offers other important protection functions such as independent under-voltage lockout for each driver and disable function.

Application Diagram


  • Input side isolated from output drivers by 5-kVRMS isolation barrier
  • 40 ns Prop Delay & 8 ns Delay Match
  •  >= 150 V/ns dV/dt Immunity
  •  Typical Source/Sink Current Capability
    • NCP51560 : 2-A/4-A
    • NCP51561 : 4-A/8-A
  • Matched Propagation Delays : Max. 8 ns
  • User Programmable Input Logic
    • Single or Dual-input modes via ANB
    • DISABLE or ENABLE mode
  • User Programmable Dead-Time Control
  • Different UVLO options: 5-V,8-V & 17-V

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