NCR18650BD-Improved, the ultimate generation of safe, smart and stable Li-ion cell

NCR18650BD-Improved, the ultimate generation of safe, smart and stable Li-ion cell

Panasonic’s new NCR18650BD-Improved is the latest evolution of its Li-ion cell – and can be considered as the result of the last years’ efforts to further evolutionize reliability, longevity and performance alongside the requirements of contemporary applications.

“Frankly spoken”, Norbert Depresles, Section Head of Business Development EMEA from Panasonic Industry Europe says,

“the NCR18650BD-Improved fits almost everywhere and demonstrates a proven performance stability over a wide range of discharge rate, temperature and cycle life.”

Nowadays, reliability doesn’t only comprise immaculate safety as a prerequisite, i.e. avoiding issues in terms of damage or even human risks. Reliability is also an economic factor – which is sustainably met by the NCR18650BD-Improved as endurance runner “without airs and graces”,

in particular, because there is no State of Health check (SOH) – an almost traditional restraint for Li-Ion cells – needed under certain charging conditions. By being charged at less stressful 4.15V from the start, this cell does not need the SOH check nor a reduction in the charging voltage. But even with 4.15V charging, the capacity of each cycle is higher and more stable in comparison to PF cells. It can be charged and discharged with high reliability and long life.

“On the meta-level, the NCR18650BD-Improved’s core feature is being unpretentious in every regard,” Mr. Depresles summarizes. “Having it reliably working in almost all environments and thus achieving cost reduction is what everyone needs. I’d even say, with the NCR18650BD-Improved, we have taken a crucial step towards the battery that ‘can be forgotten’ in the positive sense.”

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