NECTO Studio 5 Brings a Paradigm Shift in Embedded Systems Development

NECTO Studio 5 Brings a Paradigm Shift in Embedded Systems Development

NECTO’s latest upgrade The NECTO Studio 5 now features a Visual Studio(VS) Code-powered editor, integrates the tinyUSB library for enhanced USB functionality, and supports the CycloneTCP stack for advanced networking.

Necto Studio is a cross-platform integrated developing environment(IDE) developed and maintained by MikroElektronika. It features integrated C compilers, mikroSDK 2.0, a package manager, and debuggers with USB/WiFi support. The IDE also offers smart code completion, auto-brackets, and visual drag-and-drop elements.

MikroElektronika is best recognized for its signature product, the Click Boards. Now with the new package manager, users can access Click Board libraries and examples. They can also install them effortlessly with a single click and receive updates through this interface. With all these features MikroElektronika offers a generous three-month free trial for newcomers to delve into its features.

The NECTO Studio 5 has recently transitioned to the Monaco Editor. For those who might not know, Monaco is the backbone behind the Visual Studio Code. with these changes, you can get smarter coding suggestions, pinpoint error detection, versatile cursor capabilities, and efficient search tools, making coding easy in NECTO Studio.

NECTO has also added the tinyUSB library, making it easier for developers to work with USB driver development for small devices. This new feature simplifies the USB integration process while offering support for things like audio, Bluetooth, and storage.

NECTO also integrated the CycloneTCPlibrary to enhance networking. CycloneTCP is designed for devices with limited resources and supports both IPv4 and IPv6. With this addition, building IoT solutions in NECTO becomes much simpler.

NECTO has improved how it handles “interrupts” and made it easier to manage with new tools. Also, they’ve added support for more hardware, including new boards like the Clicker 4 for STM32F4 and MCU cards for ATmega2560/ ATmega1280 models.

Key Enhancements in Necto Studio 5:

  • New Code Editor:
    • Powered by Monaco (like VS Code)
    • Intelligent Code Completion & Error Detection
    • Multi-Cursor & Word-based Suggestions
    • Enhanced Find/Replace & Symbol Navigation
  • USB Stack in mikroSDK:
    • Integrated tinyUSB library
    • Device Features: UAC2, BTH HCI, CDC, HID, MSC, MIDI
    • Host Features: FTDI/CP210x Serial, HID, MSC
  • Ethernet Stack in mikroSDK:
    • CycloneTCP integration
    • Supports IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, DNS, etc.
  • Expanded Hardware Support:
      • New boards: Clicker 4 for STM32F4
      • New MCUs: SiBRAIN for ATmega2560/1280
  • Improvements:
    • Advanced “interrupts” control & unified APIs

The new NECTO update has improved the editor and added helpful tools for building IoT projects. There’s also an Ethernet Stack and a USB library in the mikroSDK now. More features, like LVGL support and new compilers, are coming soon. For all the details, you can check out the NECTO Studio page.

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