New Sensor Kit by Arduino and Seeed powers-up sensor projects with ease

New Sensor Kit by Arduino and Seeed powers-up sensor projects with ease

Enter the world of electronics with Seeed Grove sensors, actuators and Arduino all in one 

Open-source hardware, software, and content platform, Arduino has collaborated with Chinese DIY electronics company, Seeed to create the all-new Arduino Sensor Kit. The kit brings the power of Seeed’s Grove sensors to Arduino’s most popular board – the Arduino UNO – to make getting started with electronics and sensing the world around you easier than ever.

Ideal for anyone who currently uses an Arduino UNO board and wants to create and launch their own D.I.Y projects, the kit integrates the 10 most popular Grove sensors and actuators all on one board. Users can plug, sketch, and play without any additional wiring required or learning how to solder.

The Arduino Sensor Kit is available as a standalone kit for US$/€23.00, or can be purchased as a bundle with an Arduino UNO Rev3 board for just US$/€38.70.

The Arduino Sensor Kit contains a Base Shield and ten modules that can be connected either through the digital, analog or I2C connectors on the shield, to make unique projects. The modules include an OLED screen, four Digital modules (LED, Button, Buzzer and a Potentiometer), five Sensors (Light, Sound, Air-Pressure, Temperature and Accelerometer), as well as a range of learning materials to guide users through their projects. Designed to fit on top of an Arduino UNO, the Base Shield comes equipped with 16 Grove connectors, which, when placed on the board, provides functionality to various pins. With 7x digital connections, 4x analog connections, 4x I2C connections and 1x UART connection, the Base Shield can be easily mounted onto an Arduino UNO board and programmed through the Arduino IDE.

Developed for those at the beginning of their Arduino journey, the kit is accompanied by 12 guided lessons that follow a Plug-Sketch-Play approach, helping users to get started with electronics and create their first projects. Plug shows users how to connect the components, Sketch gives them the program that needs to be uploaded, and Play defines how they can experiment with the module. It is, however, also great for more advanced users who wish to reduce time on circuitry and build quickly.

Alessandro Ranelluci, Head of Makers & Community, Arduino commented,

“We are constantly seeking to simplify complex technologies. By combining 10 of the most popular add-ons and sensors into one plug and play kit for the board that  began the journey into electronics and coding for millions of people – the Arduino UNO – it’s just got even easier for users to start making projects that sense and interact with the world around them.” “Our collaboration with Arduino on the new Sensor Kit celebrates a shared vision of making sensor projects more accessible than ever before. Bringing the world of Grove sensors to the Arduino UNO board blends an optimal mix of components, with a simple and flexible way for users to take the first steps into the limitless realm of sensing and electronics,” commented Albert Miao, CTO, Seeed.

For more information and to get started the Arduino Sensor Kit, visit

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