NGK Develops Evaluation System That Visualizes Remaining Battery Capacity of Li-ion Rechargeable “EnerCera” Batteries Together With onsemi

NGK Develops Evaluation System That Visualizes Remaining Battery Capacity of Li-ion Rechargeable “EnerCera” Batteries Together With onsemi


NGK INSULATORS, LTD. (hereinafter “NGK”) has developed an evaluation system that visualizes the conditions of Li-ion rechargeable “EnerCera®” batteries, including remaining battery capacity, together with ON Semiconductor Corporation (Headquarters: Arizona, U.S., hereinafter “onsemi”). Being able to assess the status of the battery will enable the efficient use of EnerCera.

The evaluation system is equipped with a battery sensing integrated circuit (IC) for monitoring the remaining battery capacity with high accuracy that onsemi has optimized specifically for EnerCera and ultra-low power consumption. In addition to remaining battery capacity, it enables the visualization of conditions such as voltage and temperature, which helps save power and extend the lifespan of devices and systems. The evaluation system also eliminates the need for verification of individual data of battery, which had previously been required to measure remaining battery capacity, and can verify items such as the load and stability of EnerCera while the device is operating, making it possible to reduce the duration of development of devices, etc. that use EnerCera. As part of development support, NGK will provide all customers that use EnerCera with reference designs and evaluation boards free of charge starting from November 2022 to improve development efficiency.

EnerCera is an ultra-small and ultra-thin Li-ion rechargeable battery. Through a semi-solid battery that uses NGK’s original Crystal Oriented Ceramic Plate as electrodes, NGK realizes characteristics sought in power sources for IoT devices such as high capacity, high output, high heat resistance, and a long lifespan, which were difficult to combine in conventional Li-ion rechargeable batteries.

EnerCera is currently being adopted in smart keys and smart cards, and sensor-equipped wearable devices, etc., and progress is being made on sample evaluations at over 500 companies worldwide. NGK will continue to develop and provide various power source solutions using EnerCera toward the popularization of IoT devices, and contribute to the development of a digital society.

Evaluation system with onsemi’s built-in battery sensing IC for monitoring remaining battery capacity

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