Onsemi’s Next-Gen Image Sensors can Extend Battery Life by up to 40%

Onsemi’s Next-Gen Image Sensors can Extend Battery Life by up to 40%

Onsemi’s Hyperlux LP family of sensors offers optimal image quality, uses minimal power, and works well in challenging lighting conditions. The sensor lineup comes in three variants, 5-megapixel, 8-megapixel, and 20-megapixel. With all these features they’re perfect for things like smart doorbells, security cameras, VR headsets, and video calls.

So what makes this sensor special? Onsemi says these sensors capture sharp images, use less energy, and work great in low-light conditions. They’re also compact (The tiniest one being as small as a rice grain) and come with three different variants the 5-megapixel AR0544, 8-megapixel AR0830, and 20-megapixel AR2020.

This is definitely a move towards the future, given that the demand for security cameras might triple by 2030. and a recent study suggests that people want cameras that take good photos and have long battery life, especially in places that are hard to reach. That’s why Onsemi’s energy-saving sensors are useful.

Ross Jatou, senior vice president of Onsemi, shared:

By leveraging our superior analog design and pixel architecture, our sensors elevate the two most important elements people consider when buying a device, picture quality and battery life. Our new image sensor family delivers performance that matters with a significantly increased battery life and exquisite, highly detailed images.

Ashish Thanawala, Senior Director of Systems Engineering at Owl Labs, remarked:

Our video collaboration solutions require high-quality image sensors that bring together multiple factors for the best user experience. The superior optical performance, innovative features, and extremely low power consumption of the Hyperlux LP image sensors enable us to deliver a completely immersive virtual meeting experience in highly intelligent and optimized videoconferencing systems.

Key Features of the Hyperlux LP family of Sensors

  • Wake on Motion: The sensors use minimal energy until they sense movement. Then they quickly switch to high performance.
  • Smart ROI: The sensors can focus on multiple areas at once, giving a broad view of a scene and a detailed look at specific parts.
  • Near-Infrared Performance: With a unique design, these sensors take great photos even with little light.
  • Low Power: These sensors reduce unwanted image noise and cut down costs by removing the need for an additional cooling system.

If you’d like to know more about the AR2020, AR0830, and AR0544 sensors, please check out Onsemi’s website or their blog about the Hyperlux LP Image Sensors.

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