Plug-and-play automation is made possible by ESP-ZeroCode modules that are compatible with Μatter

Plug-and-play automation is made possible by ESP-ZeroCode modules that are compatible with Μatter

The plug-and-play ESP-ZeroCode modules with Wi-Fi and/or Thread (802.15.4) wireless connectivity have just been introduced by Espressif Systems. These modules are compatible with the Matter protocol, and they are designed to be used with Led bulbs, outlets, switches, dimmers, relays, fans, and other lighting and electrical devices.

It was just recently introduced to no-code programming in a recent post by Ninephon Kongangkab that explained how to use SenseCraft firmware for no-code programming on Wio Terminal. Because the user just needs to click a few buttons to create an IoT device to meet his or her needs, there is essentially no need to know Arduino, MicroPython, or any other programming language. This is because the user may configure an IoT device to meet his or her needs without having to do so. Espressif provides a product that is functionally comparable to this by utilizing a number of their ESP32 chips in their ESP-ZeroCode modules.

The first ESP-ZeroCode modules will ship with Matter-compatible firmware that enables “near-zero investment in development.” These modules will be available with either an ESP32-C3 (aka ESP8685) or an ESP32-C2 (aka ESP8684) WiFi & BLE RISC-V SoC, or an ESP32-H2 802.15.4 & BLE RISC-V microcontroller. It is not totally obvious whether the programming devices use zero code or just “little-code,” also known as low code. However, it is possible that they use both.

In any event, Matter support will indicate that the modules will function out of the box with Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, or other Matter-compatible solutions, and there will be no need for any specialized mobile apps or voice-assistant capabilities to be implemented. The modules that make up “ESP-ZeroCode for Matter” will largely connect to the Cloud in order to receive OTA updates. That is unless you go for the “ESP-ZeroCode for Matter with RainMaker” option, which incorporates a private IoT Cloud solution by way of the ESP RainMaker offered by the firm.

Espressif will maintain the firmware with security fixes and potentially new features, and they will handle OTA upgrades and device management using the ESP RainMaker’s device management. All modules will be pre-provisioned with device certificates (DAC), and all modules will use the ESP RainMaker‘s device management. There is not much detailed technical information available at this stage, but it is assumed that those are probably based on existing hardware ESP32-C3/C2/H2 modules that have been flashed with a custom “ZeroCode” firmware.

Customization of the modules will also be possible, but there is currently a lack of such information. Further information should eventually be made accessible on the product page, and the announcement may also contain additional details if there is room for them.

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