SolderGO the smart ergonomic soldering iron launches campaign on kickstarter

SolderGO the smart ergonomic soldering iron launches campaign on kickstarter

SolderGO launches comfortable ergonomic smart soldering iron to raise funding for the first production run exclusively on the platform Kickstarter known to bring projects to life.

The SolderGO iron features an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface and OLED display, compact ergonomic size with a full-size tip which is portable and can minimize workbench footprint. The SolderGO provides 72W of power for rapid heat-up time, temperature stability, and thermal recovery with a user-adjustable soldering temperature range up to 450 ⁰C.

The iron is DC powered for portability and can be connected to a mains power supply or various batteries which the iron can detect and protect. Sleep and wake up modes are employed to increase tip life and efficiency. The screen can be flipped for left or right handed use. A large variety of interchangeable tips can handle a range of soldering tasks from standard size to micro components.

The SolderGO iron has been developed with ergonomics and usability in mind, the iron case shape is designed for a comfortable grip between index finger, thumb and middle finger with support in the perlicue area which could alleviate muscle fatigue for long periods of use compared to traditional irons. (Patent Pending)

The company which has been running for 7 years designing and manufacturing drone parts under the brand name MenaceRC has already invested into the SolderGO soldering iron design, production mould tooling, production line setup to limit the risks to Kickstarter backers and to provide the soldering iron on time.

Greg Spencer, Director at Darmill Limited said:

“I am proud to bring the SolderGO iron to the world, it has been developed to be the most comfortable iron in hand and packed with features all at the right price point for hobbyists and professionals”

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Soldergo is a very useful product that could help in the electrical and electronics field and all the
attention to the details that have been given to the product while creating it is amazing, specially
that the screen is flipped for left or right-handed users.

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