TEC Microsystems Introduces New Thermoelectric Coolers with Aluminum Plates

TEC Microsystems Introduces New Thermoelectric Coolers with Aluminum Plates


TEC Microsystems introduces the new 1MA10 Series of thermoelectric coolers, with aluminum plates instead of ceramics.

All 1MA10 thermoelectric coolers have bare metal, aluminum plates instead of ceramics. Aluminum instead of ceramics is the key approach in TEC manufacturing. According to the company, aluminum is easy to machine, it has suitable thermal conductivity than ceramics, and it matches ideally by CTE with Aluminum heatsinks. An ideal combination for PCR and any application with long-term temperature cycling.

1MA10 TECs have the combination of classical bulk thermoelectric coolers technology with advanced high-density (HD) pellets placement. This combination allows reaching a 30W/cm2 cooling power density and creating 4x times smaller TEC solutions without compromises in cooling performance. More than 100W of TEC cooling capacity (Qmax) is possible now on just 20x20mm2 size instead of traditional 40x40mm2 or 50x50mm2.

For more information, visit: https://www.tec-microsystems.com/products/1ma10-aluminium-thermoelectric-coolers.html

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