Tinko HUSH – An Electroluminescent Light Engine for Silent, Versatile Lighting Solutions

Tinko HUSH – An Electroluminescent Light Engine for Silent, Versatile Lighting Solutions


Tinko HUSH is a compact, silent electroluminescent light engine that transforms 5 VDC into 230 VAC at 800 Hz, enabling it to power up to 40 in² of EL panel or 240 inches of EL wire. Designed for a wide range of applications, it features GPIO control for interactive lighting effects, making it ideal for creative projects in wearables, case mods, and more.

Electroluminescence, the process of generating light by passing alternating current through phosphor materials, is not new. However, integrating this technology into wearables without the associated noise of traditional inverters has been a challenge. Tinko HUSH overcomes this hurdle by delivering silent operation while converting 5 VDC into 230 VAC at 800 Hz, capable of powering up to 40 in² (101 cm²) of EL panel or 240 inches (610 cm) of EL wire, all within a compact and lightweight package.

Taking a look at the features of this board, it has several safety features including reverse polarity, overcurrent, no-load, and over-temperature protection, are housed in a drop-resistant injection-molded ABS enclosure. It has a USB Type-C port for power and is controllable via GPIO/PWM from microcontrollers or FPGAs, making it a turnkey solution for EL applications.

The company elaborates that the Tinko HUSH is quieter, easier to control, and safer than other inverters. Its small size and power make it a top choice for lighting up big areas with EL material.

Daedal Technologies introduces VynEL, a bendy and water-proof light material that works great with Tinko HUSH. Together, they make it easy to add lights to clothes and other fabrics, making them look good and last long without losing their shape or getting damaged.

Features and Specifications of  Tinko HUSH

  • Power safety:
    • reverse polarity protection
    • overcurrent protection
    • no-load protection
    • over-temperature protection
    • drop resistant injection molded ABS
  • Input: 5V 350 mA
  • Output: 230 VAC 800 Hz
  • Drives EL Products:
    • Panels: 40 in² (101 cm²)
    • Wire: 240 inches (610 cm)
  • Reversible USB-C connector
  • Externally controllable by MCU or FPGA GPIO/PWM
  • Utilizes Microchip HV816 EL Lamp Driver
  • Power/status indicator LED
  • Industry-standard JST-SM connector
  • dimensions: 48 mm x 24 mm x 11 mm (13 g)

At the time of writing, the Crowd Supply campaign for Tinko HUSH is in the ‘coming soon’ phase but you can learn more and stay updated on the launch, by visiting Daedal Technologies, LLC official page.

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