Water Contact Indicator Tape

Water Contact Indicator Tape

Water Contact Indicator Tape from 3M™ changes color with water contact without performance degradation in high humidity exposure

3M™ Water Contact Indicator Tape is a tape that changes color from white to red upon contact with water. It is designed to withstand heat and humidity aging without giving water indications. The tape permanently changes from white to red upon direct water contact. In electronic products ranging from mobile phones, 2-way radios, video cameras, laptops, and Li-MH batteries/chargers to electrical box enclosures, users will have clear evidence of water contact without false identification from high humidity.

  • Highly absorbent, paper backing to transport water to show indication
  • Does not falsely indicate water contact in high humidity exposures
  • Performance not degraded by high humidity exposure
  • Printable top layer by thermal transfer, flexographic, or screen-printing methods
  • Easily die cuttable with rotary die-cutting process
  • Very high bond strength adhesive to most surfaces, including low surface energy plastics
  • UL-969 compliant
  •  Thickness:
    • 5557 Series: 0.0102″ (10.2 mils, 0.259 mm)
    • 5558 Series: 0.0060″ (6.0 mils, 0.152 mm)
    • 5559 Series: 0.0050″ (5.0 mils, 0.127 mm)

more information: https://www.3m.com

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