YX8018 Joule Thief Solar LED Driver

YX8018 Joule Thief Solar LED Driver


YX8018 is a 4-pin integrated circuit for driving solar powered garden LED lights and is found on many cheap garden lights. You can buy 10x YX8018 ICs on AliExpress for around $1. You will need the following parts to build one on your own:


  • i-Cd AA 300mAh 1.2v rechargable battery
  • YX8018 solar LED driver IC, TO-94 package
  • Solar panel, 5cm x 5.5cm
  • 3x white LED
  • 100 Microhenrys +/-10% inductor (brown black brown silver)
  • Switch

YX8018 pins:

  • 1 LX
  • 2 GND
  • 3 CE
  • 4 VDD


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