3D sensing emitter module for smarter ToF

3D sensing emitter module for smarter ToF


Osram’s first intelligent emitter module for 3D sensing allows smartphones to take high-quality images and videos with a staggered depth of field. In portrait shots, the person’s face remains in focus, while the background becomes blurred.

Besides optimizing image content, the module can also be used for 3D object recognition or augmented reality apps.

A central task for manufacturers of smartphones and tablets is to find the right emitters, photodiodes and VCSEL driver chips (ICs), then calibrate them and finally install them in the end device. With the VCSEL-based module Bidos PLPVDC 940_P_L01 specifically designed for Time-of-Flight-(ToF) applications, Osram now eliminates a large part of these tasks for manufacturers. The module features a black package, a 3-Watt infrared VCSEL with a wavelength of 940 nanometers (nm), a matching optical system, an integrated intelligent microcontroller for driving the VCSEL and a photodiode. Together, the individual components have a 3.6×5.46mm footprint. The unit’s high optical power enables the acquisition of depth information by ToF at a distance of up to seven meters. Special safety mechanisms are integrated in the module. If the photodiode registers a change in the incidence of light, if the optics are damaged after a fall, the current supply to the VCSEL is interrupted.

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