ams OSRAM AS5172E High-Resolution Magnetic Position Sensor

ams OSRAM AS5172E High-Resolution Magnetic Position Sensor

ams OSRAM AS5172E High-Resolution Magnetic Position Sensor features a 12-bit PSI5 output (supports V1.3 and V2.1). This sensor measures the orthogonal component of the magnetic flux density (Bz) over a full-turn rotation, providing a very accurate angular position measurement. The AS5172E compensates for external stray magnetic fields using a patented redundancy measurement method. The sensor is built with durable automotive-grade construction and uses a 14-bit sensor array and analog front-end (AFE). To measure an angle, only a simple two-pole magnet rotation over the center of the package is required. The magnet may be placed above or below the device. The absolute angle measurement provides an instant indication of the magnet’s angular position. The AS5172E Magnetic Position Sensor from ams OSRAM is AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified, making it ideal for automotive applications such as brake and gas pedals, steering angle sensors, contactless potentiometers, and fuel-level measurement systems.


  • 12-bit resolution at 90° minimum arc
  • Low output noise
  • Low inherent INL
  • Magnetic stray field immunity
  • Functional safety, diagnostics
  • Accurate angle measurement


  • Brake and gas pedals
  • Throttle valve and tumble flaps
  • Steering angle sensors
  • Chassis rides
  • EGR
  • Fuel-level measurement systems
  • 2/4WD switches
  • Contactless potentiometers


  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified
  • SIP package
  • -18V to 20V DC supply voltage range
  • ±100mA input current rating
  • 377mW continuous power dissipation
  • 14-bit core resolution
  • -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range

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