Arduino Lightning Detector

Arduino Lightning Detector

This is an Arduino tutorial on how to detect lightning from far away.

In this tutorial, we will build a lightning detector using an Arduino Uno, a few resistors and some jumper wires. Most lightning detectors often cost too much for the normal hobbyist, however this does not mean one cannot enjoy lightning detection and the physics behind it. In this tutorial, using a surprisingly simple circuit we will be able to detect lightnings from around 10-20 km away, which is to say the least impressive.

Arduino Lightning Detector – [Link]

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I was always aware that most lightning detectors often cost too much, so this was a real heads-up for me – wow, such a cool idea and one I will definitely be trying soon.


Very cool project. Very simple and it works great. We had a lighting storm move approx 8 miles north of us and this project picked up the lighting from that far away. Thank you for posting this!

attila h

Very nice project! Interesting that it can detect light from such a long way. ill have to do it my self and see


Geoff Weather

Hi I am interested in this build so much that I made one up, what I would like to know is there anyway of maybe adding a buzzer and or LED rather than have it running from pc and then run it all from a battery.


Geoff Weather

Hi that’s just what I have not got is enough experience I have made the device now but still needs to be plugged into pc to work as I do not know how to change from serial to a buzzer and or led

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