Arrow’s Shield96 Trusted Platform is for Hardware Secutiry

Arrow’s Shield96 Trusted Platform is for Hardware Secutiry

The Shield96 Trusted Platform will be available for shipment on March 18th, 2020. To preorder please click the “buy” button. Your boardwill be shipped on or before March 18th 2020.  

The Shield96 Board based on Microchip silicon available preloaded with the EmSPARK Security Suite by Sequitur Labs provides a secure platform applicable across all IoT verticals to enable secure devices and protect firmware, keys and data throughout the lifecycle of a product.

EmSPARK is the essential software companion suite complementing the Microchip hardware providing a cost-effective solution appropriate for every connected device built with the ATSAMA5D2 processor. Engineers can leverage this solution for digital transformation built on trust extracting the full value of the advanced embedded security features of the ATSAMA5D2 MPU. ”

Security Features

  • Secure firmware update
  • Secure storage
  • Tamper detection
  • Managed key store and certified authority store
  • Unique device ID, immutable, bound to the HWRoT
  • Crypto engine in secure domain with OpenSSL adaptor

Hardened Security Simplified

  • Pre-configured to use ATSAMA5D2 security architecture
  • Secure boot
  • Strong domain partitionin
  • On-the-fly memory encryption/decryption
  • Hardware crypto engines
  • Simple abstraction APIs for the hardware security features and preloaded keys and certificates
  • Hardware enforced domain isolation (Arm® TrustZone®) for security related tasks, keystore and certificate management
  • Secure provisioning provides firmware packaging for manufacturing and secure provisioning in non-secure facilities

Advanced Security Capabilities. Delivered.

  • Trusted boot – Integrity and confidentiality assurance from the entire boot chain from bootloader to TEE to Linux kernel
  • Firmware Protection – Encryption of embedded firmware and execution of authenticated firmware
  • Trusted Device ID – Unique device certificate securely constructed through provisioning, protected by TrustZone
  • Secure storage – Encrypted storage for application data and key material
  • Secure communications – Strong security for TLS/SSL stack and mutual authentication
  • Secure firmware updates – Predefined firmware update function complementing the trusted boot architecture

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